• District Points of Pride

    Innovative and all-inclusive, the Washington Township 天美视频 District continues its proud tradition of excellence in education by routinely moving every child forward through a broad, standards-based curriculum designed to develop engaged and accomplished life-long learners. Administrators, teachers, counselors, parents and community members join in guiding this forward progression by challenging and empowering some 7,400 students enrolled in our 11 schools. Through this support network, students are encouraged to flourish in a safe and structured environment that affords countless opportunities for self-discovery, growth and expression. This collaborative network plays an essential role in ensuring that students emerging from the Washington Township 天美视频 天美视频s graduate with both the skills and self-worth to succeed in a rapidly changing and ever-challenging world.

    Extraordinary programming and overall excellence has brought proud distinction to our district over the last several years. Please click on a school year for a list of that year's Points of Pride.